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NEWS 01 July 2011

Newsletter n° 17/2011

Towards a European Legal Culture Questionnaire - The Budget of the Supreme Courts of the European…
NEWS 01 March 2011

Newsletter n° 16/2011

Expert Judicial Opinions in the European Union Appointment of the judicial expert The expert…
NEWS 01 December 2010

Newsletter n° 15/2010

Programme of the conference held in Florence (13-14 december 2010) The Initiative of the European…
NEWS 01 October 2010

Newsletter n° 14/2010

Colloquium Dublin, 19 March 2010 Appointments Editorial President Griss In connection with its…
NEWS 01 July 2010

Newsletter n° 13/2010

New Members of the Board of the Network (2010-2012) Legal aid and appeals to the Supreme Courts of…
NEWS 01 February 2010

Newsletter n° 12/2010

Conference on a Common Frame of Reference for European Contract law Agenda of the Colloquium (…
NEWS 01 November 2009

Newsletter n°11/2009

Inauguration of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom - "The Need for a Common Judicial Culture…
NEWS 01 July 2009

Newsletter n° 10/2009

Reflexions on the preliminary ruling procedure Meeting of the board in Copenhague Questionnaire on…
NEWS 01 March 2009

Newsletter n° 9/2009

Towards a European e-Justice Strategy Training of Judicial Staff Bibliography - « Les Juridictions…
NEWS 01 January 2009

Newsletter n° 8/2009

The Activities of the Network Eu Justice Forum Preliminary Rullings Questions