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Common portal of case law

  • About the Portal

    The meta-search engine of National Case Law was created by the Network of the Presidents of the European Supreme Courts. It has been released in April 2007 and allows to simultaneously query several search engines.

    Reproduced and adapted from the original language editions of the Eurovoc Thesaurus (Edition 4.3) European Communities, 2009 Responsibility for the reproduction and adaptation lies entirely with the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union.

Search Instructions

  • Make sure you are entering your search words with the right language.
  • You can group your search keywords with quotes. Be careful, keywords outside of the quotes will be ignored.
  • If you don't use quotes in the search, the whole search will grouped.
  • Proper nouns will not be translated. No quotes are required in this search field.
  • Search by ECLI takes precedence over any other search. It is not available for all search engines.
  • Research Assistance