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Online Conference (21 October 2021)



Video Conference




1. Short-term effects and challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic on the work of Supreme Courts, for example:


  • Reorganisation of work (distance working, oral and online hearings, technical equipment, internal and external communication etc.),

  • New types of cases,

  • Changes in caseload (backlog).


2. Long term effects and challenges of the pandemic for the Supreme Courts and the judiciary in general, for example:


  • Legislative changes affecting the work of courts,

  • Internal restructuring and reorganisation of the work,

  • Budget,

  • Development of IT systems,

  • Lessons learned (written internal guidelines for the future, training),

  • Positive opportunities (innovative working methods, opportunity to make long-needed changes).


The Covid-19 crisis has undoubtedly had an impact on the work of Supreme Courts. At the same time the short- and long-term challenges faced by Supreme Courts and the judiciary in general vary by country. The Presidents of Supreme Courts are therefore invited to address issues that they consider the most relevant.


Round table (based on the agenda above) followed by free discussion. Working languages: French and English (simultaneous interpretation).