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Hoge Raad der Nederlanden

Date of establishment: 01.10.1838

Address and e-mail of the court:

Korte Voorhout 8/Postbus 20303

2500 EH Den Haag

Website :

Link to the national database of their case law: There is no direct link. You go to:

Click Uitgebreid zoeken (in blue)

Select Hoge Raad under Instanties

Hoge Raad der Nederlanden is the highest court in the fields of civil, criminal and tax law  (cassation)

What does the court decide about:

Civil, criminal and tax law  cassation-cases

The principals of procedure:

The Supreme Court is responsible for hearing appeals in cassation and for a number of specific tasks with which it is charged by law.

The number of justices and panels:

10 justices in the Civil Chamber

12 justices in the Criminal Chamber

14 justices in the Tax Chamber

There also is the office of the Procurator General which provides advisory opinions. There are 26 Solicitor Generals in this office, apart from the Procurator General, and the substitute Procurator General.

How are the justices appointed:

The Supreme Court recommends a  candidate to the minister of Justice. The minister nominates this person for appointment which has to be approved of by parlement. Then the justice is appointed by the King.